ABC 123 University COVID-19 Update

To continue to provide a safe & healthy learning environment for all the children, staff, and family members of our ABC family we wanted to share with you how we are doing that:

  1. All children and staff members must wash their hands as soonas they enter the facility

  2. Children will continue to have a daily health check done, this will also include temperature

  3. All hard surfaces are wiped down throughout the day with a bleach/water solution. This includes, but not limited to tables, chairs, desks, counter tops, doors, walls, cubbies, diaper changing table, phone recievers, etc. Touchpoints (light switches, doorknobs, etc) are disinfected throughout the day

  4. Toys, activity centers, books, classtoom suppplies (scissors, markers, pencils), and any equipment that children, staff, or parents may be in contact with is sanitized with a bleach/water solution

  5. All playpens and cots are stripped after each use and sprayed with disinfectant. all blankets and playpen sheets are stored in individual cubbies and wasshed at the end of each week. eacfh child uses a different bib and wash cloth each day

  6. Area rugs are vacuumed daily and hard floors are swept throughout the day. Floors without carpet are mopped with a disinfectant on a regular basis

  7. Soft upholstered funiture (chairs, loveseat, cozy corner, throw pillows, etc) are sprayed with a disinfectant throughout the day

  8. Garbage cansand diaper genie are emptied, disinfected, and thrown in the dumpster nightly

Thank you for helping us keep our children and staff members sae and healthy. We appreciate each of you and pray for physical and emotional well being!

God Bless, 

Miss Sandy, Mr. Elija, Miss Kaya, Miss Caitlin