Frequently Asked Questions

  • I would like to visit. How do I schedule a tour?

    • Call us at 322-0ABC or stop by any time. We're here from 6:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday!\

  • Do the children play outside often?

    • Weather permitting, the daycare children try to get outside at least twice a day. ​

  • What does it mean to be "fully-potty trained"?

    • No diaper, no pull-up. A child is fully able to take care of their basic toiletry needs in the bathroom.

  • Can I drop off before 6:30 am?

    • No, we are open from 6:30 am-5:30 pm Monday through Friday.​

  • If children have allergies, do they bring their own lunches?

    • Yes. If a child has allergies, it is up to the family to provide for their special dietary needs.  

  • If my child doesn't like whats on the menu or hasn't finished eating breakfast can I bring it?

    • Due to allergies of the students and staff at ABC 123 University, outside food into the building is prohibited.  Please finish all food before entering the building. 

  • Do I need to bring a coat everyday for my child?  ​

    • ​Montana weather can ​change quickly so it is highly recommended that your child have appropriate clothing at all times.  Parents are always welcome to leave an extra coat, hat, gloves, shoes, etc in their child's cubby. 

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